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Student Aid Application

In keeping with our belief that our Children should have an Adventist, Christian education we have
established a fund to help our church families that are requesting assistance. The aid received will be
sent directly to the SDA School.
This scholarship may be available to WMC members who regularly attend, contribute financially, and
participate & help in the WMC ministries.
Please fill out this application form and return it in to Pastor Del Pozo or Linda Calalang by
September 30, 2012.
Student Name:
SDA School Attending:
Grade Attending:
Applicant Information (Parent/Guardian):
City: Zip:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Are you a member of the White Memorial SDA Church? Yes No
In what department of the White Memorial Church have you been involved in this past year?(Please explain)
What ministries of the White Memorial Church would you commit to help with this year?
**We pray that this year may be filled with success and blessings for our children.**

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