White Memorial Church
White Memorial Church
of Seventh-day Adventists
of Seventh-day Adventists

Finance Committee Leader


The Finance Committee is a sub-committee for the Church Board.  It consists of Finance Committee Leader or Chairperson, Pastors, Head Deacon, Head Deaconess, Head Elder, Risk Manager, and the following members:  Charlie Savage, John Virsack, Jose Canlas, Mary Prout, Thomas Lanier, Vincent McMillen.


Responsibilities of the Finance Committee Leader:


  • Works closely with the Pastors and Treasurer regarding the allocation of funds.
  • Develops a yearly budget, and at the regularly scheduled monthly Finance Committee Meetings, works toward keeping the Church on track with regards to projected yearly budget.
  • Discusses new or repair projects of the church::
    1. Determining where funding will come from – account, fund raising, etc.
    2. Obtaining several (3) well-negotiated bids that serve the best interest of the church
    3. Obtaining input from the Decorating Committee a sub-committee of the Church Board that best serves the church
    4. Determining best time of implementation, volunteer help, etc.
    5. Preparing report to be presented to the Church Board for approval.
  • Handles the Tuition Aid Applications each school year
  • Works with Risk Management to make sure we are in compliance with Fire & Safety regulations
  • Approves small projects – minor repairs, preventative maintenance, etc.
  • Other