White Memorial Church
White Memorial Church
1720 Cesar Chavez Los Angeles CA (323) 264 2170
1720 Cesar Chavez Los Angeles CA (323) 264 2170

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The Bible Says

080615mighty wind

The Mighty Wind

I was startled in my hotel room by an unusual noise that I didn’t recognize and so I crept to the...

073115amigos dios

Friends with God

If you aren’t a Christian, you may have asked yourself, “Why should I be a Christian?” You may wo...

073115linea telefonica

Party Line

When I was six years old, my parents had a telephone installed in our home for the first time. We...

080615better place

A Better Place

The top of Mt. Everest is littered with used oxygen tanks and other unnecessaries that climbing a...

073015buen samaritano

The Good Samaritan

In Bible times, the good Samaritan rode a donkey. But today you might find a good Samaritan on a ...



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