White Memorial Church
White Memorial Church
of Seventh-day Adventists
of Seventh-day Adventists



  • Secretarial Duties:
    • Provide clerical support, as needed, for three pastors – correspondence, schedules, etc.
    • Weekly Bulletin – Update weekly bulletin prior to Friday AM Staff Meeting.
    • Maintain the Church Calendar with upcoming meetings, special functions, etc.
    • Wedding and facility usage contracts. 
    • Submit reports to the SCC Conference upon request.
    • Assist the Head Elder/Chairman of the Board with Board-related materials for the monthly Board Meetings.  Attend monthly Board Meetings.  Distribute approved minutes to Board Members.
    • Provide organizational skills with regard to office appearance, speech, dress, receiving members, friends and visitors seeking pastoral help, etc.
    • Provide services Sabbath morning – working with greeters, etc. in getting names, addresses, phone numbers to help maintain an updated directory.  Be a team player.
    • In more detail, the secretary is responsible for the following tasks: 

      1. CORRESPONDENCE: Respond to individuals needing written communication. Compose letters when requested by the pastoral staff. Send letters to all first-time visitors to the church. Be sure all correspondence is mailed in a timely manner. Postcards sent in behalf SS Class teachers.

      2. MAINTENANCE OF OFFICE EQUIPMENT: Operate, and recommend to the supervisor maintenance needs for all office equipment (i.e., copier, folding machine, typewriters, computer, etc.).

      3. PREPARATION OF BULLETIN: Keep an up-to-date calendar of events, gather information, type bulletin information in designated format, spell-check, proofread, get pastoral approval, copy and fold weekly bulletins. Microsoft Publisher knowledge a plus.

      4. ADMINISTRATION OF COMPUTER OPERATIONS: Do everything possible to become a proficient computer operator in Powerpoint, Word and Excel. Supervise all computer-related procedures. Plan overall utilization of computer capabilities. Responsible to see that all changes are kept up-to-date. Generate reports when required by pastoral staff or other members of the church.

      5. SECRETARIAL SUPPORT TO PASTORAL STAFF: Help with correspondence, telephoning, and visitation bookings which is one of the most important duties of a pastor.

      6. MAINTENANCE OF OFFICE FILES: Keep all files in an orderly manner and prepare filing system directions for other users. Maintain records of baptisms, dedications, weddings, membership and visitor attendance.


      8. KEYS: Maintain a current list of key holders and provide keys to personnel as needed. Collect keys when people leave.


      10. MAINTAIN MASTER CALENDAR IN THE INTERNET.  www.yahoocalendar.com

  • Treasurer
    • Provide accounting principles to the receiving of tithes and offerings.  Update monthly financial reports for monthly board meetings.
    • Pay the bills of the church after proper authorization. 
    • Be familiar with the budget, various ministries of the church, etc.
    • Attend all Finance and Board Meetings.  Be prepared to speak to issues with the budget, etc.
    • Submit payroll time sheets to the conference every 5th and 20th of each month for all personnel on the payroll.
    • Sabbath duty – Count tithes, offerings, Lamb’s Offering, etc (with assistants) immediately after church.