Duties of the Minister of Music:


1.      Serve as Music Committee Chairperson. If your church does not currently have a music committee, now is a good time to establish one. This committee can assist you in finding talent and scheduling musicians for the worship service. This group can also work creatively with you to develop ideas for expanding you existing music program. The group should consist of at least the following members: minister of music (who serves as chairperson) head organist and/or pianist, pastor, two members at large (preferably one younger person and one older person). Depending on the size of your congregation, you can add other individuals that contribute to the music program.


2.       Serve on the Worship Committee. Your responsibility on this committee is to ensure that big events in the worship service are schedule. If you have ideas for guest choirs, ensembles and orchestras or for expanding the music in the service, this committee can discuss and implement your ideas.