Duties of the Sabbath School Coordinator:



1. Developing Leadership. You will supervise all the leaders of the Sabbath School and encourage them to evaluate the effectiveness of their division/class in meeting the goals of the church. You should make arrangements for them to get the training, support, and resources they need.




2. Chairing the Sabbath School Committee. This group includes the superintendent, assistant superintendents, secretary, assistant secretaries, division leaders, Investment secretary, adult class leaders and an elder. (In some churches the personal ministries leader and youth leader are included.) The committee should meet monthly to build teamwork.




3. Building a Strong Evangelistic Agency. Help your team develop a growing, caring fellowship and an excellent learning environment.




4. Recruiting Volunteers. There is a constant need to find helpers for every aspect of the Sabbath School. You are the person who must take the initiative to identify potential helpers, personally invite them to get involved, and assist them in getting started.




5. Planning Ahead. It will be your responsibility to help your Sabbath School leaders plan ahead and to participate in the total planning process of the church board and/or church ministries council. You will want to be familiar with the policies and plans of the North American Division of the General Conference, and your local conference church ministries department.