Arvy was born to Tommy and Jenny Wuysang in Bandung Adventist Hospital in Indonesia on January 15, 1986.  Arvy is the middle child of three siblings.  After graduating high school from North Sulawesi Academy in 2003, Arvy decided to go to AUP (Adventist University of the Philippines) to pursue a degree in Biology to eventually apply for Medical School.  During his study there, Arvy did not feel that he was in the right place.  After only a few months there, Arvy decided to go home to study theology in Klabat University, an Adventist University in the Eastern part of Indonesia.  During his high school years, Arvy had actually made a vow to become a minister.  Regarding his decision to return home and study theology, Arvy said, “It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my entire life.”  In 2004, Arvy’s father received a call to be the pastor of Colton Indonesian Seventh-Day Adventist Church in California.  Arvy’s father accepted the call and the Wuysang family moved together to California in 2005.  In the same year, Arvy transferred to La Sierra University and enrolled in the Religious Studies program.  On June 13, 2010, Arvy graduated with honors and received a B.A. in Religious Studies from La Sierra University. 


            Arvy is engaged to Ailen Liogu, who is currently studying to be a nurse in Southwestern Adventist University.  Arvy and Ailen met each other in high school, where they became good friends.  They started dating each other in January, 2008.  After almost two years of dating.  Arvy proposed to Ailen at the night of her birthday at Huntington Beach in front of close friends.


            Arvy relishes the opportunity to serve as a youth pastor in the White Memorial Church and is excited to continue ministering the members of this congregation.